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Diploma Certificate Q & A​  美容课程常见问题

Q: What is SKM, TQUK?

A: SKM (Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia) is a nationally recognized certificate issued by the Malaysian government. Students with this SKM certificate have the ability to be competent in beauty work. Training Qualifications UK (TQUK, UK Qualification Training) is the first 10 qualification certification organizations (Awarding Organization, AO) in the UK. TQUK is headquartered in Manchester, UK, and currently has global cooperation centers, universities, professional societies, and training institutions There are more than 600 international companies and more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

Q: Is the certificate recognized?

A: For beauty courses, we provide the Malaysian Skill Certificate SKM Diploma and International Beauty TQUK Diploma  issued by the Malaysian government JPK (Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran). The above diplomas are issued by Malaysian or international certification, most companies admit.


Q: How long does the course take?

A: Multiple professional beauty diplomas in one year.

Q: Is the beautician promising?

A: The direction of employment of beauticians is wide. In addition to being a professional beautician, there are also beauty consultants, beauty instructors, makeup artists, sales managers or self-employed.


Q: Are there any installments?

A: Yes (need to meet the conditions)

Q: After completing the course, make sure the students find a job?

A: We are in contact with many beauty salons. If there is any vacancy, we will arrange an interview for our students.

Q: After I sign up, do I need to purchase any additional products?

A: The beauty products for the beauty courses are already included in the courses, there is no need to purchase, and there is no hidden cost at all.


Q: What is the start date?

A: Please contact us for the latest news.

Q: How many students are there in a class?

A: It's all small class teaching.


A: SKM(Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia)是马来西亚政府所颁发的国家认可证书。拥有此SKM证书的学员具备了胜任美容工作的能力。 Training Qualifications UK (TQUK, 英国资历培训) 为全英国首10位资历颁证机构 (Awarding Organization, 简称: AO) TQUK 总部位于英国曼彻斯特市, 目前全球的合作中心、大学院校、专业学会、培训机构及国际企业等超过600间、遍布全球超过50个国家和地区。

Q: 证书受承认吗?

A: 对于美容课程,我们提供大马政府JPK(Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran)颁发的马来西亚技能证书SKM文凭以及國際美容TQUK Diploma文凭。 以上的文凭都是大马或国际的认证机构所颁发的,绝对受大多数的公司承认。

Q: 课程学多久?

A: 一年内让你同时掌握多张专业美容文凭。

Q: 美容师有前途吗?

A: 美容师就业的方向广泛,除了当专业美容师,还有的是美容顾问、美容导师、化妆师、销售经理或自行创业等等。

Q: 有分期付款吗?

A: 有的(需符合条件)

Q: 完成课程后,确保学员找到工作吗?

A: 我们与许多美容院有联系,如有任何空缺,会为我们学员安排面试。

Q: 当我报名后,我还需要购买任何额外的产品吗?

A: 对于美容课程的美容产品已经包含在课程内,不必购买,完全没有任何隐藏花费。

Q: 开课日期?

A: 请联系我们了解最新消息。

Q: 一班有多少位学生呢?

A: 都是小班制教学。

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