Vita White Skin Brightening Serum

The biggest function is "suppression". When the skin has been tanned or dark spots have been formed, Vita White Skin Brightening Serum it is impossible to reduce the precipitated melanocytes, and its main function is to "pre-emptive". So use Vita White Skin Brightening Serum it is to fundamentally solve the problem, find the culprit that suppresses the formation of dullness and dark spots, and continue to make your skin brighter and more delicate.

When is the elixir used?

Home care:After washing your face, first wipe your face clean, and then apply a toner, try to let the skin absorb the moisture in the toner, (1 pump portion, the essence is absorbed by circular massage)  then apply the essence to help the skin lock in moisture, and then apply a cream face cream to moisturize and lock the water.

Beauty salon : Depending on the skin condition, you can use cosmetic equipment, micro-needles to complete a advance facial. You can use it with a mask, cream, astringent lotion, etc. during operation.







1.  Vita White Skin Brightening Elixir



Price:15ml  RM221.00


Function :Whitening, Skin Lightening, Fight Melanin


Active Ingredient & Functions:

  • Light texture serum to attain a lighter and smoother skin tone.

  • Its skin lightening content affects the melanin formation directly.

  • It also reduces pigment spots emerging from skin aging caused by the sunshine and cuts back skin damages and skin inflammation, all which cause hyperpigmentation.

  • After 2x daily usage for 4 weeks pigment spots might be faded out and the discoloured skin would be corrected.

  • In the course of regular usage, appropriate skin care and light protection the skin will appear healthier.

成份 & 功能:

  • 质地轻盈的精华霜,使肤色提亮,更柔滑。

  • 它的亮肤含量直接减少黑色素的形成。

  • 它还可以减少因阳光引起的皮肤老化而出现的色素斑点。

  • 减少皮肤损害和皮肤炎症,阻止色素沉着过度。

  • 每天使用2次,持续4周后,色素斑点会淡化,并且可以纠正肤色。


2.  Mesopeptide Red Off Skin Calming Tripeptide Elixir



Price:15ml  RM595.00


Function :Anti- Inflammation , Calming, Deep Firmness , Fill Up Wrinkles

主要功能:减少发炎,褪红镇定,深层紧致, 填补皱纹

Active Ingredient & Functions:

  • Red Off Peptide Elixir can minimalize the redness and the unpleasant irritation of the skin with the effectiveness of professional hands.

  • Provide smooth and tight skin, improved skin elastin. The plant extracts drastically reduce the skin redness caused by inflammation.

  • Moreover, it supports communication between the "beauty receptors”, refreshes the tired skin and smooth out the wrinkles.

  • With the combined mode of action of 3 peptides, it evidently starts to fill wrinkles, improves skin density and elasticity just after 2 weeks.


成份 & 功能:

  • Red Off Elixir将皮肤的泛红和不适感降至最低。

  • 提供光滑而紧致的皮肤,改善皮肤密度。

  • 该植物提取物可大大减少炎症引起的皮肤发红。

  • 此外,它还支持“美容受体”之间的交流,使疲倦的皮肤焕然一新并抚平皱纹。

  • 结合3种肽的共同作用方式,它在两周后显然开始填补皱纹,改善皮肤密度和弹性。


3.  Mesopeptide Extreme Hyaluron Tripeptide Elixir



Price:15ml  RM698.00


Function :Deep Water Lock, Deep Moisturizing, Delicate & Smooth, Improve Skin Texture, Deep Firmness

主要功能:深层锁水, 深层保湿, 细嫩光滑, 改善肤质, 深层紧致


Active Ingredient & Functions:

  • You can extremely improve the hydration of your skin with our Extreme Hyaluronic Elixir and its peptides.

  • Hyaluronic acid with low, medium and high molecular weight can be delivered deeply into the skin.

  • It achieves spectacular results of  smoothing and firming just like collagen injection therapy.

  • The immediate and drastic hydration of different skin layers is completed with the “beauty receptor” activating effect of Rubixyl peptide.

  • This improves the skin own protecting mechanism and refreshes the tired skin caused by oxidative stress.

  • After 2 weeks regular usage of the product moderates the depth of the wrinkles, improves consistency and elasticity of the skin.


成份 & 功能:

  • 您可以使用我们的Extreme Hyaluronic Elixir大大地改善皮肤的水合作用。

  • 低,中,高分子量的透明质酸可深入皮肤。

  • 就像胶原蛋白注射疗法一样,它可以达到惊人的平滑和紧致效果。

  • 它还支持“美容受体”激活作用完成了不同皮肤层的立即和彻底的水合作用。

  • 这改善了皮肤自身的保护机制,改善由氧化引起的疲倦的皮肤。

  • 2周后,定期使用本产品可缓解皱纹深度,改善皮肤的一致性和弹性。