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Reminder:For thick horny skin, the treatment needs to be accompanied by deep exfoliating products to properly remove old dead cells, and the active ingredients such as masks / essences can be absorbed by the skin.If do not exfoliate properly, the effective ingredients applied are only absorbed by the stratum corneum.

Thick Cuticles:

-Dull skin

-Acne Papules

-Rough skin

-Large pores


-Oil surface and dry inside

Thin Cuticles:

-Skin lacks both water and oil

-Difficult to resist the stimulation of the external environment, itching and redness

-Capillary blood vessels dilate with red blood capillaries

-Easily affected by ultraviolet rays cause pigmentation














Mineral Mask

1. Aloe Ginkgo Aromatherapy Stimulate Gel


SKU:  SO10301

Price: 50ml  RM198.00


Active Ingredient & Functions:

  • Rich in herbal oils and nutrients.

  • Noticeably smoothest and refills the treated area because of its coconut oil, avocado oil and useful vitamin components (Vitamin A, E, F).

  • Anti-wrinkle, tighten, cell renewal, noticeably smooth after use.

  • Improve blood circulation.

  • Suggested for middle aged, aging mature skin.

Recommended for skin type:  Ageing, Combination, Normal, Oily / Problematic


Application: Apply evenly on clean skin, avoiding the eye area, wait a few minutes for the fruit acid to work, wipe it off with a damp cloth or sponge, rinse with water, and dry face carefully, then tonify the skin.

*For thick horny, use after scrub.

*Waiting time depends on the skin condition, such as redness,  skin tingling.

*The skin turn red and feeling hot after using aloe ginkgo aromatherapy stimulate gel is normal because of blood circulation, after applying the mask, the complexion will return to normal.

成份 & 功能:

  • 丰富的草药油和营养成分。

  • 椰子油,鳄梨油和维生素A,E,F组成。

  • 抗皱,拉紧,细胞更新,使用后明显光滑。

  • 促进血液循环。

  • 建议中年,老化成熟皮肤。





*等待时间视皮肤情况,如皮肤泛红, 皮肤刺痛的程度而定。


2. Quick Fine Enzyme Peeling Gel 


SKU:  SO11200

Price: 30ml  RM249.00


Active Ingredient & Functions:

  • Using Quick Fine Enzyme Peeling Gel you will discover the feeling of silky smooth skin that is ready to get perfect care.

  • The special exfoliating gel splits the protein bonds between skin cells, thereby effectively removes dead skin cells from the skin surface and cleanses the face at the same time.

  • Regular application can not only help achieve silky smooth and healthy skin but also maximise the absorption of other skin care products thus improving their effects.

  • Main characteristics:

-26% more active cell renewal processes

-Helping the removal of dead skin cells

-Increasing the absorption of active substances

-Smoothing the skin's surface

Recommended for skin type:  Ageing, Combination, Normal, Oily / Problematic


Application: Apply a thin layer to clear and wet face, avoiding the mouth and eyes areas. With a wet hand gently massage it into the skin and then, depending on the skin sensitivity, wash it off with cold water after 1-3 minutes then tonify the skin. Use it once a week. After using the peeling, continue with tonic, essence, elixir and creams.

* Do not use on damaged or broken skin.

* Avoid sunbathing directly after use.

成份 & 功能:

  • 使用Quick Fine Enzyme Peeling Gel,您会发现皮肤丝般光滑。

  • 特殊的去角质凝胶可分解皮肤细胞之间的蛋白质键,从而有效去除皮肤表面的死皮细胞并同时清洁面部。

  • 定期使用不仅可以帮助皮肤达到柔滑和健康的状态,还可以最大程度地吸收其他护肤产品,从而改善其效果。

  • 主要特征:







* 请勿在受损或破碎的皮肤上使用。

* 使用后避免直接晒日光浴。

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